Story – never again

Bang as I run into the room I see my dad with a sandwich. “Dad what are you doing” I say. ” I’m hungry” he says. “Oh” I say as a walk back to bed.

The next morning my mum makes me walk to school. As I’m walking my friend jake comes running up to me. “Hi Hollie” he says. “Hi” I replay. “I never see you walking to school, why are you walking?” He says. “Oh well my mum made me.” I say. “We should go quickly because we will be late for school other wise.” Jake says politely. As we run of to school we see all the cars go past. The wind in our hair. The gravel under out feet.

We arrive at school and the bell goes. I’m sitting in class and I look out the window and I see a girl sitting on the steps crying. I raise my hand and say “can I please go to the toilet.” “Yes” the teacher replies. I walk outside and sit next to the girl. “Are you ok.” I say. “Yes I’m fine”she says as she wipes away her tears. “Why are you crying?” I say as politely as I can. “Oh it just I have no friends at school and…no it’s silly.” She says trying not to cry. “People thing I’m wired and no one wants to be my friend.” “I’ll be your friend” I say “Hollie hurry up and get in class.” The teacher says and she walks back into class with a frown. “Oh sorry miss coming.”

I’m walking home with this new girl that I don’t even know her name. “Hey what’s your name?” I ask. “Mandy yours?” She says “Hollie” I reply. We talk for the whole way home and then she came to my house and we talked for hours. We became best friends, but one day I don’t know what happened she stopped talking to me. She stopped hanging out with me and then she didn’t show up for school. I never saw her again.

One day I was walking home an I saw her. I ran up to her and said hi. She ignored me. I don’t know what happened. As I walk of she says to me “wait Hollie, I’m moving I will never see you again so this is our last good bye.” She says “oh ok” I say. “Hey Hollie come on let’s go.” I look behind me and I see jake. “Ok jake.” I say. “Bye I will miss you.” I say as I run over to jake. “Well make my best friend is moving so.” I say to jake.

Hollie went on to live the rest of her life on, always wondering what ever happened to Mandy. But later in her life she met back up with Mandy again and she was now 35 and was married. Mandy still looked the same but i bit older. But that was the final time Hollie will see Mandy as for she is moving to New York. Hollie was always happy for Mandy and always will be.

By Hollie Grima

Goals for 2015

My goals for 2015 are……


1. Improve on my fractions decimals and percentages.

2. work on my maths goals


1. Work my spelling.

2. Work no my hand writing.


1. To work on my fluency .

Eucharist Shendon and James

I went to a workshop on Eucharist.

the bread and the wine

the last supper

the word Eucharist means thanks giving

grapes, Jesus, wheat and the cross

they found it a bit hard to find information.

they think they don’t have any similarities in each other.

Jesus gave his life for us.

it was a long time ago

they chose this topic because their was nothing left

they are proud of their work

they kept drawing on the board and I don’t think it was that good of a wast on time

the audience was being rode

they didn’t know much about their topic

Confirmation -Georgia & Siobhon

I went to a workshop on confirmation.

When you do your confirmation you have to choose a saints name as your confirmation name.

You also have to choose a sponsor,  a sponsor has to be available to assist you in learning and keeping your faith.

When you do your confirmation you are confirming your Catholic faith and wanting to stay Catholic.

You do your confirmation in grade 6.

Confirmation is connected to your baptism.


The symbols for confirmation are cross, Bible, Dove, Christ table, special blessed oil to seal the holy spirit.


Baptism Lochie and Ned

I went to a work shop on baptism.

john the baptis started baptism.

we receive baptism to remember Jesus.

baptism is celebrated in a Catholic Church.

you can be baptised by anyone if you really need to.

These are the symbols:

sign of the cross

clothing in white

sign of new life

anoting  of the water

make us gods people

baptism of water, baptism of blood and baptism of desire.

Big idea/The Endangered wild African Donkey

This term in big idea I have been working on the endangered wild African Donkey. I have chosen this topic because I think it is a problem and I want to know how I can fix it. The endangered wild African Donkey is a interesting topic and that it will make me wonder and ask myself why and how have these animals have became endangered and what is the main cause of their death.

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maths in the real world

There is maths in swimming, you might need to time yourself or counting your laps or the length of the pool.You will also find maths in planting. When you are planting  trees, vegetables or plants you need to find how big your space is then measure how far apart you need to put them. If you were a fashion designer you will need to be good at your maths because you need to measure the materials, find out how much fabric you will need, choose the pattern an how long you want the cloths to be.

organ donation

Q1. What do you think about organ donation.

Q2. How do you think you would feel if you were in the same position.

Q3. Do you think compulsory organ donation should be introduced? why?

1. I think organ donation can change a kids life with that one call.

2. If I was in the same position as that kid, I would be relived if you got that one special call that changed my life.

3. No because we all have choices in life and that is a chose only you can make

100 word challange

Brmmm the car goes at 800 km per hour “can you go any faster” said bob my instructor “NO I’m going as fast as I can” i said WAIT I need to tell you how I got here, well it all started when bob told me that I was going to be the best racer in the world well melbourne at least. “hers your furmuola one” said bob “don’t crash it on me”  “I wont, I promis” I said im not that responsibal when it comes to racing. It came to the day, i closed my eyes and believed i won.